There are dedicated transporters for different types of cargo movement, although many transport companies operate multiple cargo verticals concurrently. The transportation industry in India is made up of companies providing a variety of transportation services over varying distances;

  1. Packers and Movers for household goods shipment
  2. e-commerce logistics for shipping goods purchased online
  3. Industrial cargo movers
  4. Commercial cargo movers
  5. Part load transporters

Moving companies in India come in 2 categories;

  1. Movers and Packers who own a fleet of trucks
  2. Movers and Packers that deploy rented trucks upon packing services

Moving in India is fairly cyclical – it peaks between March to July each year. It is during this period that the trucks are utilized to full capacity reaping maximum revenues. Packers and Movers owning trucks typically look for business proactively during the lean period to drive revenues from the idle trucks. While a business plan is definitely essential for running a trucking company successfully with the ability to both compete with established players and deliver, they tend to deploy the same manpower to pack and ship the commercial goods often doing a callous job since they have expertise in moving only household goods.

They generally pick up long-distance general freight to handle various commodities and ship in a container truck or open bed truck. Jumping into such an economically important business stream, where a large number of commercial establishments from the industries to traders rely on their ability to manage logistics, this category of transportation takes a lot of planning and a deep understanding of industrial logistics to make your company delivery results successfully.

This category of transportation business is very timely and it gives you a chance to improve your skills in this field. The growing demand of commercial cargo makes gives the Packers and Movers in Chennai an opportunity to pitch their services during the lean period. The market is very conducive but requires them to be focused in a high scale. Since they would go back to their specialized vertical of moving homes during the peak period, the focus shifts and thus the customer loyalty too shifts. Such pre-conditions make Movers and Packers a distant resource in availing commercial cargo services. 

Even if you are dealing in a small scale with the moving companies to fulfill your commercial logistics needs, you are in for a surprise. The outcome is obvious, a delayed service with a callous approach. Although technology has been disrupting logistics operations for a few years now — compelling transportation companies to adopt sophisticated methods that respond quickly to customer shipment demands. 

With the onslaught of new transport companies serving commercial cargo providing high disruption in this industry, particularly for established and high-asset businesses, Packers and Movers in Hyderabad cannot expect to be insulated from competition. While commercial transport companies have been hesitant about adopting technology for a number of internal reasons that primarily includes the lack of a digital culture, illiteracy at the drivers’ level, and cost – it is being ostensibly promoted as a potentially secure platform for business to business operations.   

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