:Below you find a selection of topics to choose for your short-response paper. Each topic links to a podcast, article or video. After you have completed the content, you are to choose a position and answer the question associated with topic. Please select only one to submit. Each paper should be approximately 500 words and include two additional resources (please cite…don’t care the style).

A good paper includes:

A brief summary of the podcast/article/video and context that attaches the subject to a larger cultural issue: “In the Death of Facebook, the author argued that the company should be regulated by the FTC. As privacy concerns persist and the manipulation of public sentiment by companies who threaten democracy, the need to regulate and treat social media platforms like media companies is concerning to the American public.”

A thesis statement: “As a private company, I believe Facebook should be held accountable for the content it hosts.”

Reasons to back up your statement: “Recently, Netflix released a documentary called the Great Hack. During the production of the documentary, it was made known that…. Similarly, New School professor David Carroll uncovered a recent….”

Conclusion: “You get the idea…”

Topic:Define native advertising and tell me whether native advertising dilutes the media itself (i.e. the media brand) or the advertisements effectiveness.


short response paper


500 words