Examine each of the basic desires in Figure 7.1 in your textbook (pg. 142). Identify three or four needs that are most important to you. What kind of motivation is necessary for the satisfaction of each of your needs? Detail each need, what you do, or can do, to ensure the need is met, and the motivation it took to meet each need.

Figure 7.1 n The Sixteen Basic Desires in the Reiss Profile (order of presentation not significant) DESIRE DEFINITION Source: Steven Reiss, Who Am I? (New York: Berkley Books, 2000), pp. 17–18. change with time and circumstances.

CURIOSITY- The desire for knowledge

ACCEPTANCE- The desire for inclusion
ORDER- The desire for organization
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- The desire for exercise of muscles
HONOR- The desire to be loyal to one’s parents and heritage
POWER- The desire to influence others
INDEPENDENCE- The desire for self-reliance
SOCIAL CONTACT- The desire for companionship
FAMILY -The desire to raise one’s own children
STATUS- The desire for social standing
IDEALISM- The desire for social justice
VENGEANCE- The desire to get even
ROMANCE- The desire for sex and beauty
EATING- The desire to consume food
SAVING- The desire to collect things
TRANQUILITY- The desire for emotional calm