For this post, which is Due on Monday, Jan 27th, please write about 500 words about your exploration into the US Census.

The US has an incredible census, taken every 10 years. It provides an excellent snapshot of America at that moment in time. There are numerous questions that are asked of participants, and those shed light on who lives here, and what their lives are like.

Find at least three articles in the mainstream media, or use sites like the Pew Charitable Trust (they analyze demographic data from the Census, and collect other information in other surveys and studies). The articles can address diverse points/themes about the Census. They can be general ‘what is the US Census’ articles, or more specific articles about the ‘controversy’ over some of the questions that will or will not be asked in the 2020 Census.

Again, write your reflection, your perspective of what you are reading about. We will discuss your findings on Tuesday next week.