Because you are the office manager, you have been selected to be the project manager in implementing a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for a physician’s group you manage. Shown below are all of the employees who work for this physician’s group. The name of the physician’s group is XYZ Physician’s group. Also, this physician office currently has all their medical records on paper.

5 physicians.

1 office manager (this is you)

7 medical assistants

2 receptionists/intake coordinators

2 billers

2 coders

2 check out schedulers

3 customer service/phone callers

1. Provide a short description of each job title’s tasks (you may have to do research). There are a total of eight different titles shown above.

2. In a paragraph of at least 10 – 20 sentences, discuss what the objective for the new EMR is. For this task, you will need to have at least two references and list these references in your Word document. These references can be from the Internet, books, or journals.