Summarize and discuss this paper “Lee, K., & Eckhardt, J. (2017). The globalisation strategies of five Asian tobacco companies: a comparative analysis and implications for global health governance. Global Public Health12(3), 367–379.”. Link

Instructions and format:

· SUMMARY: Summarize the article in your own words. This should be in the 200 word or more.

· Why we shoul put weight on the article: Provide few sentences about why we should put weight on this article. Importance, number of publications by the author etc.

· DISCUSSION: Using 300-350 words, write a discussion, in your own words the way the article relates to the selected Key Term “globalization strategy”. A discussion is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.· REFERENCES: All references must be listed at the bottom of the submission–in APA 6 format.