Imagine you are the HR manager of an organization with 1,000 employees. You have been asked by the HR Director to prepare a justification for the need for sexual harassment and workplace discrimination training to be presented to upper management. Let’s assume there are no laws that require the training (in some states training like this is legally required) and that there has been no major issues within the organization concerning sexual harassment or other forms of workplace discrimination. Once you’ve justified the need for the training you will propose an in-person 1 hour sexual harassment and workplace discrimination training that every employee must take.

Write a minimum 400 word paper that includes the following components:

  • Justify the need for the training.
  • Propose whether you think the training should be conducted by you and other members of the HR department or be outsourced to a third party consulting firm. Justify your choice.

Cite your source(s) according to APA citation methodology.

Format your paper according to APA formatting guidelines.