The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths
By Juliet Bourke, Bernadette Dillon 

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I chose the article by Cappelli (2019) because, as a leader, I need to understand the intricacies of hiring. As a leader, I should hire people based on their qualifications and not based on our relations. This will enable a business to tap into talent as well as motivate others to pursue their education. Cappelli (2019) reveals that the hiring process is sometimes based on the budget thus making it challenging for HR to find the most suitable candidates. It is the duty of HR managers to test whether the candidates possess the relevant qualifications, skills and abilities to perform the job. Cappelli (2019) reveals that some HR managers ignore the employment test results and opt to rely on their judgment. This is a wrong move since they end up getting employees who are not qualified thus affecting the performance of an organization.
The article brings up the issue of internal candidates and how some organizations ignore them whenever a vacancy arises. The article is eye-opening to me as a leader since I have known that internal employees are better performers than external candidates. This is true since internal candidates have already gotten used to the business processes and familiarized themselves with the jobs. I believe that hiring internal candidates is also a worthwhile venture as companies get to save on intensive training packages. Companies should first consider internal employees for promotion before inviting the public to apply for the available vacancies.
Cappelli, P. (2019, February 21). The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Hiring. Retrieved from

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Kraft Heinz CEO, Pushing for Growth, Separates Winners from Losers   
Gasparro, A, (2020) Jan. 26, 2020 9:00 am ET
In this article, Kraft Heinz products were losing money on items such as Miracle Whip, Oscar Mayer lunch meat, Jell-O, Cool Whip and Velveeta just to name a few. He had to come up with different ideas to bring up his sales growth on profits. He went to his 3G shareholders to see if they could bring ideas to the table but was not as successful as he had hoped. He, therefore, went to his staff members asking for their ideas or a plan to bring up sales. Once he couldn’t get stable ideas, he, unfortunately, had to start laying people off from their job duties. He got rid of the older workers and brought in new younger workers for fresh ideas. Heinz was losing profits rapidly that two of his supervisors Ms. Barton and Mr. Patricio sacrifice some of their profit to see profits rise on boost brands. After multiple attempts, Heinz got the sales of the product up by coming out with different types of exciting names and flavors.
I choose this article because of the title “Kraft Heinz CEO, Pushing for Growth, Separates Winners from Losers”. I can relate because I show dominance (D style) in my work as a substitute but I am also a person of dominance when it comes to pushing for growth and separating people from the winners and losers. According to Welch videos this week he said that leaders build teams and the team with the greatest players wins. Leaders have responsibilities and that is to build the greatest team this means: I must put the knowledge that I have gained to ensure I am using the best strategies when evaluating future associates. Through hard work, questions & answers, planning, support, and dedication Heinz finally brought up the profit margins and now they are working on different strategies for the future. Therefore, I am going to stay positive, plan in advance, network with different companies, and push until I am successful with my career goals