Analyze the customers of your interscholastic athletic program according to the bases of segmentation discussed in the learning activities. Utilize all readily available sources of information to support your analysis. 

These sources might include your athletic department (e.g. attendance figures),school district (student demographics), U.S. Census (local demographics), Chamber of Commerce (local demographics,including businesses), etc. 

You can also draw conclusions about your customers from existing information about similar customer groups (psychographic information about teenagers from various external sources, studies of consumer motivation).

Following your customer analysis, identify 3-5 strategies to reach the most critical segments you have identified. Where possible, connect these strategies to consumer behavior concepts. 

Provide a brief explanation of each strategy and which segment(s) the strategy is designed to reach.
Prepare your assignment in a Microsoft Word or PDF document. 

 Paper should be no more than four (4) pages long (excluding title page and references).  100% original, no plagiaris.