This will be part of a project which will be done by steps: 

The following in the quotation marks is the 3rd step, which is what is needed to be done.   What is in parenthesis is step 1 and 2 to help you guide the rest of this project.

-Part 3 is what is needed to be done use Part 1 and 2 is here as a reference and make is better )-
Part 3
“SWOT analysis is appropriately provided and justified. Goals and objectives are clear and appropriate. The target market(s) is appropriately identified and described. A positioning statement for each target market is identified and justified ”

(Part 1 Selecting a product/service and justify your choice:
Choose a product/service for your final market entry strategy project and justify your choice. The focus of this course is exclusively on consumer products and service, as they offer more opportunities to focus on cultural adaptation than do most industrial goods. When selecting your product, consider two factors. First, the product should have obvious cultural overtones to provide a strong cultural impact to the project. Second, the product should be one that you know something about. Products meeting these criteria include but not limited to: baby food and other baby products, high-protein diet supplements, prepared food, soft drink, instant noodles, franchise outlets etc. 
answer: Chef Magic originating from Florida, United States. Chef Magic will consist of organic prepared foods which will include an option of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snack. Chef Magic will target busy growing cities nation wide where the population is living more of a fast paced life. We will also use local farmers to purchase their products within the cities we get to make business in. This will help people who have no time or are not very experienced eat something healthy at home with having to break their wallet. 

Part 2  Selecting a country and justify your choice:
Choose an attractive international market to market the product/service you choose and justify your choice. It can be an industrialized or a developing nation. Some suggestions include: leading emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Egypt, India, Russia, Turkey, etc.; countries in European Union; Middle East; former Soviet Union republics, etc. 
answer: For Chef Magic would like to stay in the international market, which will be the United States.  I chose this country and this product since the US is known as a fast paced country in the majority of it’s population. Prepared foods will be a great product for the busy life the American’s having to go to work, traffic, school. gym, family, hobbies, and a social life if any. ))