The Layout of Each Annotation
1. List the source in its proper MLA citation (this should be double-spaced)
2. Skip a space (“Enter” once and it will automatically double space)
3. Write the annotation in single space. To receive full credit for each annotation, you must include a paragraph of at least 5 sentence.  In 1-2 sentences, summarize the source. Next, provide the articles thesis statement (in your own words). For the rest of the annotation, state how you intend to use the source in your essay (you may use 1st person for this part of the annotation.  The rest should be in third person: no second person “you/your”). Do not use direct quotes in your annotations.
4. Set the document back to double space, and move on the the next citation. Remember, citations should be listed in alphabetical order. If there is no author, go by the article title. If an organization produced the source, then the organization is the author.

The Format
1. Include the proper MLA heading at the top left corner of the document
2. title your work “Annotated Bibliography for Essay 1”
3. There is no word count for this, so word count isn’t necessary in the MLA heading. However, points will be deducted if annotations contain fewer than 5 sentences
4. Include page numbers with your last name in the top right corners inside the header

Here are the titles of the journals

Experiences of Teaching Sexual and Reproductive Health to Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Key Factors Influencing Comfort in Delivering and Receiving Sexual Health Education

Why Teach Sexuality Education in School? Teacher Discretion in Implementing Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Rural Zambia