Chapter 6 covers Security and Privacy of Health Information, specifically HIPAA laws.  Why would hackers be interested in stealing medical information?  Is blackmail a motive?  How would a hacker monetize medical records they’ve stolen?
Answer the question with a short paragraph, between 250 and 350 words. Brevity is a virtue. That is why you are limited to 350 words. If you can’t present your hypothesis in 350 words or less then it is too complicated.

Remember that when you state a fact if you don’t provide a reference, it is not a fact but rather an opinion.

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You can type your response in Word and use the word count button to see how many words you have typed. Do not include the references in your word count. No headings or title page, etc.

Required: Post once to present your hypothesis then comment on one other post. Feel free to disagree but no flames, disagree with class and professional diction. Disagree with their hypothesis or statements but do not disagree with them as a person.
Required:  If you write your post in a separate document, copy and paste the words you wrote into the forum.  Do not provide a link to the document where you created your post.  I will deduct quality points on any post that only includes a link to your document and does not include the words you wrote in the document.