Possible Projects

If you have a project you are doing for the company at which you work, you may propose that project provided:

1.  You can identify the parts of the project for which you are responsible;
2.  You either can provide the artifacts produced for those parts or get a supervisor to describe and evaluate your performance of those parts;
3.  Your work involves at least two of the usual phases of software development, namely requirements engineering, analysis, design, construction, testing and debugging.

If you have an idea for a project which will take you six to nine months to complete and comprise of at least 500 lines of code, you may propose that.
if you do not have an idea for a project or something you can use from your work, here are a few ideas you might consider:

1.  A solver for Sudoku puzzles;
2.  A solver for Chess problems;
3.  A software tool to compute cyclomatic complexity on any program written in a specific higher level language such as Java or C#;
4.  A program to translate programs written in R into programs in Java or C#;
5.  A program to allow intelligent search through the titles and abstracts of the theses in the Department Conference room;
6.  A better search tool for the NDSU website;
7.  A reverse dictionary that finds a list of words on Dictionary.com given a possible definition.

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Student’s name: __________________________  Date: _________________
Project Title: ___________________________________

1.  Project Overview
Describe the product your proposed project will attempt to implement in between fifty and one hundred words.  Include the intended audience for the product, the major capabilities this product will provide to those users, and the improvements this product will provide to those users over what they use now.

2.  Development Process Overview
Describe in at least fifty words, but no more than about one hundred words how the product will be developed.  In particular, describe the methodology you will use to implement the product and the personnel that will be employed in this implementation.

3.   Your Role(s)
Explain what development role or roles you will do in this project implementation.  In particular, what development activities will you personally undertake for which parts of the product?