You are responsible to create a Data Visualization project plan. Plan the process and implementation for completing the project. You should identify a data visualization problem and corresponding data set. You are responsible to build a project plan for the management team of a company. The plan should include a sample prototype of the final product (graph/chart). 
Make sure to include the following information:
· Data Visualization Development
o Data Visualization Project Planning
o Software Tools and Environment
· Data Visualization Development Process
o Data Acquisition
· Data Examination
· Data Transformation
· Data Exploration
Final Research Paper [APA format] 
o The paper should be well written with references.
o Should be more than 10 pages in length.
o Include a cover page, abstract, Table of Contents and references

I have written outline you can start with that. Also, for data set example, please use below url.*-zguTGGR4rMcKJ1Pi*-sSyQoaBEA5YJpZ9vXDhiA%3D%3D.MicroStrategy+Tutorial.*-D76*-t6KLivMz1Clt_&innerWidth=1280&innerHeight=620&Server=VITARA-MSTR-PROD03&Port=0&Project=MicroStrategy+Tutorial&