Health in the news assignment: This assignment is designed to encourage you to think about the ways health issues are conveyed in the public domain. Choose a health issue that interests you and that is typically related to women´s health (ex. miscarriage, menopause, PMS) or men´s health (ex. CHD, prostate cancer) and identify an article in a newspaper related to it. The article can be from a printed or electronic version of the newspaper. Write a brief essay on the article, covering the following: 1) why is this topic of interest to you?; 2) did the article cover the aspects of the health issue that concern you most?; 3) how was the gender aspect conveyed (did you find any references to gender differences in health behaviors, risk-taking behaviors help-seeking behaviors)?; 4) were any psychological issues covered?; 5) what research was reported in the news article to support their approach to the health issue; and 6) how would you evaluate the article’s level of coverage of the health issue? The paper should be approximately 2 pages single spaced. Provide a reference for the article in APA format.