You are the office manager for a primary care community clinic in an underserved area. Your medical director has decided it is necessary for you to conduct a trial study, offering ancillary services at no additional cost to the patient. This is a community service/outreach effort. You are hopeful to apply for a grant to fund these services long-term, therefore you need to collect utilization data to begin grant proposal preparation.
          Evaluation Title: Grant Proposal Preparation
Research a minimum of two health disparities in your community.
Explain each disparity in approximately one paragraph and the service you will offer to address them.

Example: Disparity: Childhood Obesity

                    [Paragraph explanation of disparity and its relevance]
                    Service Offered: Nutritional counseling
                    [Paragraph explanation of the service offered and how it will address the disparity]
Explain how you would design the trial to accurately capture data.
Include graphic representation of your trial’s design.

Examples of this can be found in the Gordis textbook, Chapter 17.

A minimum of three references should be used to complete this assignment