1. Research a problem that you can build a model for in Insight Maker
2. You can use some of the example models that are in Insight Maker
3. Search through the Insights to find one that you like and want to research
4. Once you find a model or if you have a research paper, find a related model
5. Find a research paper that addresses your topical area
6. Use the model that you are going to create that is related to the paper to help gain insight and understanding
7. Adjust some of the variables, Run the model,Tell the story
8. Make sure to describe:
○ The research area
○ The type of modeling used
○ What you discovered
9. The paper should be long enough to tell the story with words and of course with graphics of the model and results of the simulation.
10. Minimum of 10 pages
11. Also required a ppt for the paper