Write a 3 pages research paper that addresses the following points (A & B):

A) Two Practice-Specific Concepts

Identify and discuss on at least two concepts specific to the practice of a cardiac nurse.
Define the concepts and provide appropriate documentation on how they are used in your personal practice.
B) List of Propositions

Number at least five propositions or assumption statements that clearly connect the concepts described. Demonstrate consistency between the concept and the assumptions
Explain with examples how these assumptions illustrate the concepts in a manner, which further clarified your use of the conceptual material.
For further explanation: Below, there are some used concepts in my practice with some examples:

monitoring :e.g. EKG, pharmacological effects of vasopressors, lab values,vital signs, physical assessment, complications
prevention: through teaching, annual checkups, managing risk factors of heart diseases
caring: e.g support families in crisis, patient’s advocate and counselor
cultural competence