Recently the narcotic Vicodin was reclassified by the DEA, being changed from a CIII to a CII. There are a few circumstances in which the DEA can and will reevaluate and reclassify controlled substances, and Vicodin met these criterion.

Do a basic web search to research the DEA criterion for reclassifying a controlled substance.

Do you believe they were justified in their decision?
Does this help to control the overuse without preventing patients from getting the medication who actually need it?
Or does it delay and make it harder for patients to get the medication and do little to control the abuse?
Find research to support your position and write a 2-page paper that defends your stance, using APA format. Remember to cite all your sources. You will be scored on your grammar and organization as well, so be sure and spend time revising before submitting.

Please make sure they are 2 complete pages