In an Osterman Research survey published January 2014, it was found that decision makers are concerned about a range of issues related to the security of their networks in the context of how email, Web applications, and social media are used. As a result, security for all of the venues through which threats could enter into or data could leak from an organization must be addressed as an issue of the utmost importance.

E-mail, Web, and social media tools are pervasive in the vast majority of organizations. For example, Osterman Research has found that the typical information worker spends 153 minutes per day working in email and 51 minutes in social media – 42.5 percent of a typical eight-hour workday – not to mention the various work-related and personal use of the Web that takes place on a daily basis. Consequently, security for all of these tools must be of paramount concern for decision makers because of the substantial opportunity that they represent for ingress of malware and other threats.