Per  Fennelly (2017), every human being is created differently with physical  and behavioral traits that are unique; and everyone’s fingerprints,  iris, facial feature and body types are entirely different from one  another. The effective and efficient use of biometric technology will  play a key role in automating a new method of identifying living person  based on individual physiological and behavioral characteristics. Protecting  sensitive information from vulnerable access by unauthorized users is  paramount in our digital world and attempting to identify and mitigating  such operation is becoming very challenging and troubling to the entire  human society.
Biometric  authentication-based identity is playing a vital role in security  operations. Traditional authentication approach used to identity logon,  logout, username, passwords are no longer enough to battle the identity  and security crisis.  Physical  Biometric processes often allow the authentication of an individual  personal data to be stored in a document format for future references.  The comparison is often used to determine whether the biometric  characteristics of individual match the previously information recorded  in the document. Physical biometric systems have proven to be very  effective in verification and identification processes.
Physical  biometric identification and recognition processes are classified in  three groupings including acquisition, feature extraction and  comparison. Traditionally, biometric characteristics are acquired  through measurements, such as a camera, microphone, fingerprint scanner,  gathering of specific characteristics and creation of digital  representation, photograph, a voice recording and scanned fingerprint.  Most naturally significant areas supporting physical biometric process  include corners of the eyes, mouth, nose, chin and likely to be  identified by human inspection and through an automated biometric  process.
Biometric  Access Control is a security system used to provides conditional access  after scanning for unique physical characteristics including installing  Biometric Access at ATM’s and other public facilities to safeguard  financial data. Indeed, when faces, fingers, irises and veins are  scanned such data are converted into digital format and a complex  algorithm is used to make a match. Such physical biometric processes  appear to certify as foolproof with no chance of being misused and often  confirm homeowners, financial institutions, public and private  organization. Technology infiltrating has  rearranged every facet of modern living and the global society has  become progressively digitized, protective of confidential information,  such as username and password.  Prior to biometric operations, username  and password were enough to provide adequate security to organization’s  data security data. Today, in our modern age, username, password and  keys are becoming increasingly feeble and appealing to sophisticated  criminals.

“Create an Art Response to one of the readings from the term so far. The art piece can be poetry, short story, sculpture, painting, drawing, dance, monologue, performance piece, song, video game, or music that you create (but NOT collage). If you choose to write Haiku or short poetry, you need to write a series of at least 4 connected/related pieces.  The art MUST be your own creative work.  If you incorporate others’ words or images, you must reference them in the art itself as well as in the Artist Statement. Half of the grade.
Write an Artist Statement to turn in with your Art Response due with your art