The receptionist texted Mr. Hersh to come to the reception area because the clinical team is ready. Mr. Hersh arrived then the dental assistant (DA) brought him to treatment room B. The DA confirmed Mr. Hersh was getting a composite filling on his lower right molar.
Mr. Hersh indicated that he has not been feeling well for the several days, “It’s hard to breathe sometimes”. The DA said, we will keep you in an upright position and work quickly but safely to get you home.
Because the procedure will produce bio-aerosols, both the DA and dentist donned (placed) their personal protective equipment (PPE) in this order: nitrile examination gloves, face shield, surgical mask, and disposable gowns. During the procedure, the patient required more local anesthetic to be comfortable. The dentist removed the cap from the needle/syringe, handed the cap to the assistant. The DA placed the cap on the counter. When done administering the anesthetic, the dentist handed the syringe to the DA. She carefully recapped the needle with two hands to avoid getting punctured. The DA disassembled the needle from syringe then disposed the needle in the contaminated waste basket.
During the procedure, the DA’s face shield began to fog up and she could not see to assist the dentist. She slightly lifted the face shield to defog her shield and she was able to resume assisting. To keep the dentists’ instruments clean during the procedure, he asked that before he uses it again for the DA saturate with any material to keep it clean. She chose to saturate cotton/gauze with alcohol to remove smudges and or particles. The dentist appreciated her keeping the instruments clean.
The patient did very well without complications. While the DA removed the patient napkin from Mr. Hersh then disposed in the contaminated waste container, the dentist doffed (removed) his PPE in this order: examination gloves, shield, mask, gloves, and gown. He then washed his hands for 5 seconds then escorted the patient to the reception area.

The link is to the complete lecture, which is over an hour long. For this exercise you do not need to view the whole presentation, just 10-15 minutes of it. I would, however, be surprised if you did not feel compelled to watch the clip in its entirety.

Once you have watched all or part of this video, answer the questions below on a Word Document to be submitted here prior to the due date. Note that you can answer these questions in an essay format or individually in your submission. It is up to you. 🙂

1. What was your first impression of this speech?

2. Had you heard of Dr. Pausch or his lecture prior to this exercise? If so, had you watched it before? Why or why not?

3. What were some of the aspects of the speech that you enjoyed the most?

4. Was there anything about the speech that you did not enjoy?

5. Do you find that part of what makes this presentation so memorable is the level of intimacy and personal sharing that Pausch offers?

6. What are some things that were done in this speech that you can try to do in speeches of your own?

7. Do you find that this speech is multi-dimensional in its purpose? (i.e., informative, persuasive, etc.) If so, what were some of those dimensions that you experienced?

8. What does Pausch’s speech and its enormous popularity say about the power of communication?

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