Explain the type of resources available for ESRD patients for nonacute care and the type of multidisciplinary approach that would be beneficial for these patients. Consider aspects such as devices, transportation, living conditions, return-to-employment issues.

Part One:
Write a policy brief regarding an issue relevant to health policy of 700-900 words. Include the following:

Executive summary
Approaches and results
Implications and recommendations
Graphics and tables may be included as appropriate

Part Two:

Locate the contact information for a state, local, or federal official for your area.
Locate information regarding the official’s stance on the issue you discuss in your policy brief.
Send the official a letter or e-mail that explains your position and offers suggestions on how the official should move forward with the agenda from your policy brief. Include the brief as an attachment.

“Compare and contrast what happens after Jesus dies on the cross in Mark and Matthew.
What is Jesus’ attitude towards the Mosaic Law as presented by Matthew (Mt. 5)? Why is this significant?