Creating  Community:  Did Johnson use Starbucks’ shared values as the cornerstone  of his decision making after the arrests?  Did his decision to close all  Starbucks stores for unconscious bias training and to create a new  “Third Space Policy” align with Starbucks’ mission and goals?  Did his  handling of the incident promote positive relationships between  employees and customers? Did it encourage a sense of connectedness and  shared values?
Encouraging  Ethical Conduct:  Did Johnson openly acknowledge that his decision was  based in ethics and morality?  Did his apology and actions promote  awareness of an ethical issue? Did it create a positive or negative  difference in the communities Starbucks serves? Did it make a positive  or negative difference for Starbucks employees and customers?
Showing  Discipline in One’s Role:  Does Johnson explicitly accept responsibility  for the incident and provide direction for a course correction? Does he  identify ways to collaborate with others when necessary?  Does he show  he understands what his role is in fixing this problem?
Clarifying  Culture:  Did Johnson clarify his values and the company’s values in  his apology and with his subsequent actions?  Did Johnson’s apology and  follow-up actions uphold Starbucks’ mission and core values? Did he  identify gaps between stated and actual values?  Did Johnson’s apology  help Starbucks employees figure out if their personal values align with  the company’s?
Designing  Ethical Systems:  Did Johnson’s actions have impact beyond Starbucks?   Did they sent a precedent for other companies to follow? Did his  apology create a conversation about unconscious bias in the workplace?  How do his apology and the subsequent follow-up actions compare to other  companies and CEOs that have faced similar problems?

Define the Brand in terms of Marketing.
What are Three examples of brands and companies you like and explain why you like those particular brands versus others?
Name Three Brands you can’t stand and Why?
Convince me to buy one of the Brands you can’t stand by making a marketing pitch.