You are the Manager of Organizational Development in a nation-wide insurance company. The VP of HR has alerted you that the company is about to change from its old, outdated information system to a new, integrated system. In preparation for the system implementation, critical employees from different departments are being identified to create a new implementation advisory team. As part of the change management plan, you have been designated to prepare the project managers and sponsors on how the new team members are expected to work together during the system implementation. The VP of HR instructs you to develop a presentation demonstrating the five stages of team development.
Prepare a presentation, with speaker’s notes, that:

Explains the indicators of effective team performance.
Describes of each of the five stages of team development.
Discusses appropriate activities that should be performed at each stage of team development.
Highlights a leadership strategy to encourage stage 2 of team development to improve group dynamics.
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the presentation.