1,500-word paper reflecting the student’s philosophical perspective on nursing leadership through a specific leadership theory chosen by the student.

The student should reflect on how he/she can impact the future of nursing as a nurse leader. Information regarding the individual student’s growth as a nurse leader and how the student, as nurse leader, can impact health care, the community, and the global community should be included in the paper. Views expressed should be clear, concise, and thoughtful.

APA format is required; at least 3 current peer-reviewed sources, in addition to the textbook, are expected. All papers should be submitted to Turnitin.com and an electronic copy submitted to the professor by the due date.


CriteriaPossible PointsCommentsActualPoints
Complete discussion of leadership theory:· Clearly identifies the leadership theory· Clearly states rationale for theory choice· Describes leadership theory completely and accurately· Describes impact of nursing leadership on local, national, and global community65 points
Application of leadership theory to self:· Describes personal growth in leadership· Reflects on self as a leader in the present and future· Relates leadership theory to student’s future practice45 points
Presentation of paper:· APA citation formatting correct· Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation· Writing style clear, concise, thoughtful· Includes at least 3 current (within 5 years) peer reviewed references excluding the course text.20 points
Total130 points