You are the Director of Human Resources of a publicly traded organization. Last week, the Federal Government announced upcoming regulatory changes with regards to workplace health and safety. The CEO of your organization takes such issues seriously and has directed that workplace safety and security risks be evaluated in the organization.
As part of the review, the CEO has specifically asked you to prepare a presentation that outlines a plan based on the workforce safety and security policies in place. Therefore, you will need to research a company or use a fictitious company in order to create the presentation. You will need to present to the C-suite leadership in a forthcoming meeting an outline of how the policies and procedures meet current federal regulations for workforce health and safety.
Prepare a presentation with speaker’s notes for the company, based on your research, that:

Provides the vision, mission, and values of the organization.
Provides the purpose of the safety plan and how these plans align with the vision, mission, and values of an organization.
Demonstrates the process by which safety risks are identified.
Explains the process that the company uses to respond to safety risks.
Illustrates the monitoring, controlling, and reporting components of the plan.