Evidence Based Project

Assignment Instructions In a Word document, please compose the following as it relates to your research question: Research Topic Research Problem Research Purpose Research Objectives/Aims Research Question(s) Research Hypothesises* Select Theoretical Framework: write a brief summary about the theoretical framework and why it is relevant […]


A  3 paged paper using APA format that addressing a nursing topics 1. Title, author, and resource of the article 2. Identify and define the QSEN concept selected “Evidence Based Practice” 3. In your own words, what are the “important components of the article?” 4. […]

Case Study -Advanced Pathophysiology (COPD)

1) **********minimum 20 slides with Speaker notes (Mandatory)**************************** (cover or reference page not included)  2)¨**********APA norms  ( All paragraphs need to be cited properly. All responses must be in a narrative format and each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences) 3)********** It will be verified by […]

Quantitative Research

 Discuss about the characteristics and  requirements that research tools should have on quantitative research to give validity to the study. Give some examples  All your posting should be three paragraphs with three sentences.   All your entries should be done on separate days. For example, First entry on […]


Select one of the following special populations  Care of Families Care of Communities and Target Populations Care of children and Adolescents Care of Men Care of Women Care of Older Population identify and describe: -Key determinants affecting the health of your chosen special population. -At […]

Policy Changes Related To Pharmaceuticals: Coverage And Pricing

Write a three-page paper that recommends three policy changes to support proper access to medications for all consumers, fair pricing, and reasonable regulation of new drugs coming to market. Use current references from within the past six months for each policy. Rubric Writing Assignment Rubric […]

Medicare For All

For this assignment you will write a testimony  regarding the Medicare-for-All proposal that you feel is the best policy approach to behavioral health in terms of benefits, coverage, and consumer cost sharing. If you think that none of the current Medicare-for-All proposals are the best alternative and […]

Describe Why It Is Important

Discuss why it is important for a person working in health care to understand statistical concepts. Provide an example of how statistical data is used in your organization or specialty area today and what you are expected to do with this information as a practitioner.