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One section of your dissertation will be a literature review, which will be the foundation for your research. What is a literature review? A literature review summarizes and synthesizes arguments and ideas of others without adding new contributions.

The assignments in this class will provide you the opportunity to learn how to write a literature review as you analyze, evaluate, and synthesize existing literature on leadership constructs.

Historical leadership approaches provided the foundation for contemporary leadership theories as theorists gleaned and critically analyzed and evaluated historical leadership models. As a doctoral practitioner, your understanding of foundational historical leadership approaches and concepts will influence your understanding of contemporary leadership theories and how leadership has evolved.

Prepare a literature review of historical leadership approaches. The Historical Leadership section of the Example Paper must have a minimum of 600-words. Using the information from the matrix assignment from Week 1, compare and contrast the similarities and differences of each approach. Using the example paper as a template, include the following sections:

1. – Introduction

2. – The Great Man Theory

3. – Trait Theory

4. – Behavioral Theory

5. – Skills Approach