Minimum of 250 words with peer review reference  Ensuring the protection of human subjects is necessary when conducting research projects. What are some methods that can be used to protect personal rights of someone in one of the groups that is labeled as vulnerable? Consider […]

Community Paper

i need help to write a paper for community about my clinical day in  PHC primary health care it is a reflection paper i need 600 words answer these questions”  1. What is the scope of the clinical agency? (What services do they provide?) 2. […]

Political Issues for Nursing

 Political Issues for Nursing I would say that a safe and healthy work environment would have to be the one I am interested in. The World Health Organization defines a healthy environment as a place of “physical, mental, and social well-being” supporting optimal health and […]


Q- Do nurses who work 12 hour shifts have more of a risk of developing health illnesses compared to nurses who work 8 hour shifts?  this is my picot question i need to  find the evidence to either support a change in practice or to […]

Epidemiological Study Design

 Which epidemiological study design would you use to evaluate an  intervention in your practice (Providing PrEP to prevent HIV acquisition)? Provide a description of the chosen  population and the identified intervention (population is college age adults in a metropolitan city). Provide support as to why […]


Review the links provided below to learn more about Dr. Meleis’ Transitions Theory. Reflect on the many challenges patients face in today’s complex health care system, ranging from lack of access to necessary preventative services, lack of education regarding disease management to much needed medication […]

Nursing Theory (Posts)

Elaborate 1 post for each article (article#1  and  article#2). Please, see attached articles from my peers.  THIS IS A TURNITIN ASSIGNMENT. FREE OF PLAGIARISM. In your reply posts, provide a recommendation as to how your peers can further address the major environmental problem and political issue that […]


SN attend to patient at home. On assessment, patient  B/p was 140/89 ,and other vitals are stable . Patient has  complains of headache  SN instructed patient/caregiver to administer his morning medication as prescribed and observed caregiver administered medication to patient. SN instructed patient/caregiver on taking […]

stay healthy

What motivates you to become or stay healthy?  The concept of health and wellness differs greatly between people. Health can be the absence of disease, while wellness can imply a positive state of health in holism, encompassing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even social aspects. […]


200 words for each response 1)  The mission of the schools in the local area system that was investigated is to promote the health and wellness for the students and their families, their staff, and the community.  The county schools believe that the nurses should […]