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Q. Amazon – Is moving to a fully automated customer service department in the right direction?

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Week 1:

We are a team of three and they done the below work. I’ve mentioned my part of questions below. Please answer those 4 questions.


Artificial Intelligence has gotten the attention of businesses in America as well as internationally. This interest is due to the amount of resources companies can save and focus on other sectors. The current AI Technology in 2020 includes chatbots which are computer programs that trigger human speech or actual robots that can do the day-to-day tasks. The technology is still being developed and constantly improved but the current models are capable of replacing jobs such as call agents, concierge, client relations associate, customer service representative, etc. Robots have already taken over jobs in manufacturing plants and warehousing facilities. It only a matter of time before this technology is so advanced that it starts taking over every industry. According to Jeff Wald, Co-Founder of WorkMarket, automation could save businesses $4 million annually. These numbers would persuade any business owner in any industry which makes the loss of millions of jobs a reality. The biggest player in this movement is Amazon, everyone around the world knows about Amazon and use them more than their local stores. They continue to lead the way in innovative business practices and continue to take huge chunks of market share in multiple industries. For this research, we are going to research and determine that removing the human connection in their customer service department will eventually lead Amazon to lose millions and customers’ purchases.

Problem Statement

We argue that although these technologies are a great way to assist with mundane tasks and could save Amazon millions of dollars if used with Humans. However, the removal of the human component altogether will cause more damage to Amazon’s image more than it can help. The bottom line is what companies like Amazon are all about but forgetting who your company services and not meeting their needs will cause customers to bring their business elsewhere.

Background and Need

For most companies, saving millions of dollars could be the difference in keeping the doors open or closing down for good. It almost impossible for companies to get ahead in any industry because of the amount of competition. So being able to have extra resources can give a company a competitive edge. However, we underestimate the need for the human connection within customer service and how good customer service can lead to continued business and loyal customers.

Barriers and Issues to the Conducting of the Research

The barriers and issues that we see while conducting this research are going through the vast amount of information available on Amazon. Knowing what information to use and when to use it in this research paper will be especially challenging with this small window of 8 weeks.

Now Please answer below 4 questions.

1. Barriers and Issues Related to the Research

2. Difficulty of Study

3. Definition of Terms

4. Summary

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