Your Topic is on Amazon. Start doing your research work on below question. Q. Amazon – Is moving to a fully automated customer service department in the right direction? You need to work on this question for 5 weeks. Week 1: We are a team […]

Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis

Unit 2: Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a file upload File Types doc, docx, and pdf Available Jan 20 at 12am – Feb 9 at 11:59pm 21 days Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis For Essay #1, please write a summary and analysis of any of the articles […]

Unit 2 Discussion

Welcome to the unit discussion area for EN106. This area will fill up quickly with lively interchanges among you, your colleagues and your instructor. Check back often! Important!  Most units, you are required to post your own responses before you can see your classmates’ responses. The reason for […]


HUMAN CIVILIZATION Professional assignment From the Olympic games to umbrellas, the ancient Greeks’ influence on the modern world is supernumerary. Using LIRN and the Internet to research and analyze their many contributions, reflect upon what you consider to be their most important contributions in fields […]


As policing continues to evolve, some people view the police role solely as crime fighters and keepers of the peace and say that order maintenance and social work activities are NOT the role of the police.  Where do you fall on the side of this […]

Sun Coast Remediation Research Paper

The articles should also be quantitative research articles from primary and secondary sources. Try including words like correlation, regression, t test, and ANOVA in your keyword search criteria. The article discussion should include the qualifications of the authors, purpose of the studies, research methodologies and […]

Discussion Boards

1. Discussion Boards: (1 @ 15 points) In this fully online course, participation is vital to your success, and your active engagement during assigned discussions is crucial to learning. There will be a total of 3 discussion boards (refer to the course schedule below for due dates). […]