Professional assignment

From the Olympic games to umbrellas, the ancient Greeks’ influence on the modern world is supernumerary. Using LIRN and the Internet to research and analyze their many contributions, reflect upon what you consider to be their most important contributions in fields that may include medicine, government, education, etc.

Using the Professional Assignments guidelines described in this syllabus, describe what you consider to be their single-most important contribution, and state why you feel this was the most important contribution to society. Then, create a one-page flyer/poster that will advertise this contribution to others, using descriptors which state why this is such an important contribution.

Get creative with your poster. Include graphics and/or pictures, and use whatever software you like. Turn the flyer into a PDF, and submit it with your short essay.

Human development

Professional assignment

Consider the biopsychosocial forces in a relative’s life. Interview one of your relatives or close friends. Ideally the person will have already experienced a great deal of development (for example, someone 55 years or older). Focus on determining the primary biological, psychological, sociocultural, and life cycle forces that have affected the individual’s development.

After the interview, fill out Handout 1-1 (found in PA1 Assignment Template in GAP) and write a one- to two-page paper that discusses how these forces have interacted in the individual’s life.