Clinical Field Experience –

Connection Across the Curriculum, Curricular Goals, and Community


In your introduction, please discuss grade level you observed, class size, etc…

Curricular Goals and Cross-Curricular Connections (2 paragraphs)

Please provide a summary of curricular goals and cross-curricular connections in this first paragraph. What is the teacher’s pre-planning process? How do they ensure their lesson plan activities are aligned to state standards? What were some strategies the teacher used to establish curricular goals? How did students know what their curricular goals were? How were cross-curricular connections considered? If none were observed, discuss this with the mentor teacher.

Assessments Interview

Here you will provide a summary of how the teacher assesses his/her students. How did the teacher assess student understanding before, during, and after the lesson? How are formative and summative assessments used for instructional planning and within the classroom?

Differentiation Interview

How is instruction differentiated to meet students’ learning needs? What factors are taken into consideration when differentiating learning activities? What opportunities allow each student to demonstrate acquired knowledge and skills through a variety of products and performances? How were home extension activities determined?

Observation Summary

Please provide a thorough summary of the lesson you observed.


Please provide a closure. Her you can put your final thoughts and wrap up to your clinical field experience.