Law Enforcement Use of UAS

Law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and the world are procuring UAS to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. There is little doubt that these tools are highly effective in public safety organizations, and enable officers to conduct surveillance in areas that their traditional aviation resources such as helicopters and fixed wing aircraft simply cannot. There is a concern by many citizens however, that the use of UAS will infringe on the privacy rights of individuals due to the ability to conduct surveillance of people and property to an unprecedented level.

For this assignment, discuss the role of UAS in law enforcement operations and what you think the appropriate use and level of adoption is for these organizations. Alternatively, explore the privacy concerns that many citizens have concerning law enforcement use of UAS. Cover the following items in your submission:

1. Do you think the benefits for law enforcement officers using UAS are enough to outweigh the concerns of privacy advocates?

2. Should legislation be passed that limits the use of UAS by law enforcement organizations, and if so, at what level of government should this be enacted (local, state, federal)?

3. Should UAS technology be treated differently than the ubiquitous cameras and mobile devices that are capable of recording the activities of individuals? Why or why not?

· Provide a short paper submission of at least 400 words total. Make sure you use APA format to include your references.