Week 3 big data:

As outlined within this weeks topic, there are several benefits as well as challenges associated with the use of Big Data Analytics in the e-Healthcare industry. Pick one of the four concepts below and then identify the benefits and challenges associated with that concept. Do not simply list the benefits and challenges but detail them in a substantive, thorough post as it relates to that concept in the e-healthcare industry.

· Data Gathering

· Storage and Integration

· Data Analysis

· Knowledge Discovery and Information Interpretation

Welcome to Week 3 class!

We will be discussing the application of big data tools in healthcare. In order to meet our present and future social needs, we need to develop new strategies to organize big data and derive meaningful information. One such special social need is healthcare. Like every other industry, healthcare organizations are producing data at a tremendous rate that presents many advantages and challenges at the same time. The healthcare industry produces large  amounts of data on a daily basis. Most of these data used to be hard copies but, now organizations are gathering data electronically. There are mainly 7 data sources that produce the bulk of the data:

· Electronic Health Records (EHR): Clinical records with patient details.

· Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS): Contains lab results

· Monitoring and diagnostic instruments: Data from instruments like MRI.

· Pharmacy: Medication details of the patient

· Instruments and human tracking system: Data contains location information of instruments and people.

· Insurance claim and billing: Contains insurance claims and billing details

· Hospital Resources:  Employee list and hospital supply chain details.

Big data analytics plays a crucial role in many other areas- Genetic analysis, evidence-based medicines, patient profile analysis to name a few. When employed with suitable big data architecture, Big data has the potential to change the way the healthcare industry operates.

Please watch the video lecture and read the two required readings for this week. Once ready, participate in our discussion forum where initial posts are due by Thursday and the response posts (at least two) are due by Sunday.

Resources to read

·  A Systematic Review of Big Data Potenial to Make.pdf (292.097 KB)


·  Dash2019_Article_BigDataInHealthcareManagementA.pdf (1.664 MB)