Response 5-1 (DR)

  Incident Reporting Incidents occur in everyone’s life that affects the normal way of living. Incidents in business organizations cause many problems. They also lead to disruption in business operations. Some of the incidences that occur in the workplace are system crash, hardware crash, data […]

contrasts and comparisons between warrant

 Develop an essay from the readings that reviews the contrasts and comparisons between warrant-based and warrantless searches for criminal evidence under the Fourth Amendment as well as the various state statutes for where the student resides. You can use information on past and current search […]

Discuss board

DB2 Pepsi Co and Coke American beverage giants, must adhere to the U.S Foreign Corruption Act wherever their businesses may take them. Both companies expanded their U.S businesses to India with differing initial results. Coke came home (initially) and Pepsi Co prospered. Do your research […]


Choose 1 concept/idea/ or theory covered in chapter that you found interesting or learned something you did not know. Write a 250-300 word essay about the topic you chose. Discuss what you found interesting and what you learned! You can add your opinion about the […]

Foundations of Marketing

  Foundations of Marketing – Week 5 Assignment Ethics and Pricing People feel better when they think they are getting a great bargain when they shop. Knowing this, some retailer’s markup items above the traditional retail price and then offer a 60 percent discount. If […]

Homework assignment (Hilary)

• Based on Generation like clip: Answer the following questions: First, what are your overall impressions of the documentary? Positive, and/or Negative? How do you think being so socially media active affects nonverbal communication? and how does it affect traditional interpersonal communication as a whole? […]


  In his chapter “Asking: Questioning Culture and Consumption” from Everyday Culture, David Trend lays out distinctions between high culture and low culture, describes an historical process by which art and artists became specialized practitioners distanced from everyday culture and then summarized three theories of […]

3 DQ’s, 1 sumarry and 1 paper

   I need to write a 215 word summary no intro and no conclusion just discuss the following below: on this topic with citing and references  co-morbid schizophrenia and substance abuse · -Discuss the ramifications of co-morbid disorders compared to a single diagnosis. ANSWER THE […]


Chapter 5 discusses product strategy options: Cost, Focus, and Differentiation! In this assignment you will research three different products from three different industries and explain how each product is using one of the described strategies.  Please be thorough in your explanation for each example.  This […]