Pepsi Co and Coke American beverage giants, must adhere to the U.S Foreign Corruption Act wherever their businesses may take them. Both companies expanded their U.S businesses to India with differing initial results. Coke came home (initially) and Pepsi Co prospered.
Do your research and explain the socio-cultural barriers faced by these two companies? What in your view were the reasons which negatively impacted Coke and positively touched Pepsi Co?
Interactive: Select one company other than the 2 mentioned above, and share this company’s experience in the United Arab Emirates. Comment on another learner’s company experience in a different location of the world.
Interactive: Comment on a different learner’s company experience in a totally different location from those completed earlier. Do you feel that cultural training is an essential pre-requisite for expatriates in any host country? Why/Why not?
Remember to use APA referencing in the body of your posting.