Assignment Details
Scenario: You are a victim’s advocate with a specialty in domestic violence. The local police department has been dominated by a “good old boys” network of officers. Recently, there has been a rise in domestic violence cases in the police department’s jurisdiction. A female captain was also recently promoted to Chief of Police. She now has a daunting task of educating the officers under her command about the psychopathology of the victim and offender in a domestic violence relationship. The Chief has asked you to address 2 myths that you feel are important pertaining to the relationship between the victim and offender in a domestic violence environment. The Chief would like you to set the record straight on what these myths are and why they are not true.
Focus your discussion on the following:

You will prepare a 2 paragraph explanation on 2 issues that are myths concerning battered woman syndrome selected from the table below. This is your main post and must include references.
Respond to a minimum of 2 classmates (addressing them by name) concerning their posting and what you thought about the content of it