For this assignment, picture yourself as a DBA Mentor charged with reviewing learner research proposals. 

Read the five research synopses and decide whether to approve or reject the submission based on ethical research practices and standards, including alignment of the proposal elements.
Make a clear determination of whether you would approve or disapprove the proposal, based on the information provided in the synopses, provide an explanation to support your decision making sure to use appropriate sources. Your paper should be no more than 800 words for the entire assignment (title and reference pages are excluded).

Proposal Synopsis One: In his proposal, the learner identifies a lack of financial resource strategies as problematic for leaders in small businesses; therefore, he envisions a study to explore, through a quantitative method using a multiple linear regression, the relationship between a leader’s age, gender, years of experience, and small business success. The learner plans to use to obtain a random sampling of small business owners, who have filed for bankruptcy in the past five years, to respond to an online survey. Should the proposal be approved? Why or why not?
Research Synopsis Two: To address this problem of increasing voluntary employee turnover in restaurants the learner proposes a qualitative case study. The purpose of the study is to explore how leaders in the food service industry promote employee engagement. To validate the data, the learner proposes a triangulation of three data sources: five interviews, one focus group discussion of 10 individuals, and a review of six company web pages. Fortunately, the learner has obtained both individual consents and organizational permissions to obtain this data for her study. The interviews and the focus group will be comprised of leaders in the food service industry, and the company web pages will be of organizations whose primary business activities are in the food service industry. Guiding her study, the learner provides as a research question: how do leaders retain talented employees in the food service industry? Should this proposal be approved? Why or Why not?
Research Synopsis Three: The learner proposes a quantitative correlational study using archival data available online from the S&P 500 index. The data for the study is available to the public through an internet search; therefore, the learner contends he does not need to obtain any permission from these organizations to use their data. Also, notable is that the learner proposal identified by name, not a pseudonym, the organizations he will cover in the study. Should the proposal be approved? Why or Why not?
Research Synopsis Four: The learner, who’s specialization is health care leadership, proposes to conduct a qualitative phenomenological study within her organization, which is a hospital. The hospital’s marketing director granted the learner site permission to obtain the lived experiences and informed perceptions of individuals employed by the organization on the lack of a corporate social responsibility activities, which potentially makes the organization vulnerable to criticism by a well-recognized national organization. Should the proposal be approved? Why or why not?
Research Synopsis Five: The learner proposes a qualitative case study to explore leadership skills needed by entrepreneurs in the technology industry having, first, identified failing leadership as problematic for business sustainability beyond the first five years of operations. The research question posed by the learner is how do entrepreneurs, in the technology industry, describe the leadership skills needed for business sustainability beyond the first five years of operations? Three data-independent data sources are identified for the study — interviews, a focus group, and a written questionnaire will all be presented to entrepreneurial leaders working in the technology industry who have maintained organizational operations for more than five years. During the course of drafting and presenting the proposal for approval, the learner reveals that he has already begun collecting data for the study by interviewing several entrepreneurs about the phenomenon, so he can finish his study quickly. Should the proposal be approved? Why or why not?