For each Discussion Board Forum assignment, you will interact in a free-flowing discussion of the biblical and constitutional parameters for the particular policy focus of the assigned module/week. These posts should be short and succinct (3-5 sentences at most per post) and should encourage greater interaction with your classmates. Thus, you are to post according to the following guidelines:
· Biblical: One separate post (3-5 sentences) discussing Biblical principles such as natural law, inalienable rights, sphere sovereignty/covenant, the Sin/Crime distinction and the institutional separation of Church and State
· Constitutional: one separate post (3-5 sentences) referencing the enumerated powers, Articles and Amendments from the Constitution which are relevant to the assigned policy area
· There must be two separate posts. Both posts must focus on the general policy area for the assigned Module/Week. For instance, when the course module focuses on criminal justice, the Biblical post must focus on what the Bible says about what government may or may not do in fighting crime. Likewise, the Constitutional post must focus on what the Constitution says about what government may or may not do in fighting crime. Specific examples should be used and cited. 
· Feel free to interact with your classmates, but for grading purposes, you will only need the two posts mentioned above.
You must use the following sources:
1. the Bible,
2. relevant presentations and articles from Modules/Weeks 1–2 which focus on biblical and constitutional ideas, including the “Biblical Principles of Government” article, 
3. the required reading from the assigned module/week, and
4. any additional relevant sources that you would like to use.

Please click here to watch a short presentation on the relationship between the Discussion Board assignments and the Policy Briefs. 
The following two presentations will help you discuss the May>Biblical analysis and the May>Constitutional analysis.

Textbook Readings

Kraft & Furlong: chs. 8–9
Monsma: chs. 7–8

Presentation: Covenant, Sphere Sovereignty, and Social Justice