Review the citation information for source #3 from the APA Citation Style Exercise. Then read paragraphs 4 and 5 from source #3 on Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), below: Children with RAD will benefit most from an individualized treatment plan that will usually include work with the child’s family to help them foster an attachment to their child. Except when complicating factors arise, hospitalization is generally contraindicated since the treatment goal is fostering an attachment between child and parent. While some therapists have advocated the use of so-called coercive holding therapies and/or “re-birthing techniques”, there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of such interventions. In fact, there is a strong clinical consensus that coercive therapies are contraindicated in this disorder. And unfortunately, as recent events attest, such unproven and unconventional therapies can also have tragic consequences. 1. What is the parenthetical in-text citation for this source? 2. What in-text citation information must be included a) for paraphrases? b) for summaries? c) for direct quotations? 3. Summarize these two paragraphs (in your own words) in one sentence, using a parenthetical citation. 4. Paraphrase the first paragraph above (paragraph 4), incorporating at least some of the in-text citation information into your sentence. 5. Develop a sentence that incorporates information from the second sentence of the second paragraph above (paragraph 5) as a direct quotation. Provide an appropriate in-text citation.