Museums live in real time, and discussions about major issues facing cultural institutions
may be found in in blogs and other online sources. One a week you should submit 
thoughtful essay on a museum issue. These essays are informal writings (I won’t grade
them on writing), and designed to keep you thinking, and give you a chance to weigh in
on some issues. Essays are to be 1-2 pages, double spaced, Arial 12-point font. Number
your pages, and put your name in the top right corner. 

Here is a list to get you started (some sites have links to other sites). You are not limited
to these sites.
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Lots of blogs listed

ArtsJournal Home

Artdaily: The First Art Newspaper on the Net
Brain Pickings: A library of cross-disciplinary interestingness and combinatorial
Colleen Dilenschneider: Know Your Own Bone


Huffington Post: Arts and Culture


Museum Hack
Museum 2.0 (Nina Simon’s blog)
Nonprofit AF
Real Clear Arts: Judith H. Dobrzynski on Culture
See her Blogroll for additional blogs
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Open Space