Read the following directions and post an answer of at least two paragraphs (a minimum of 500 words). Be sure to use standard English in your answers, with appropriate punctuation (refer to the grading rubric).  I am looking for evidence that you have read the response as well as what your opinion is on the topic. After you compose your response you will upload your posting using this tool. Once the deadline for the discussion topic is closed you will no longer have access to this tool.
The following BBC article provides an overview of the Paris Climate Agreement that the United States recently withdrew from. In addition, I have also included an article from The Economist on weighing the long run future which can be found at this link.
Please read the following articles and provide your opinion on the following:
Discussion Issues:
 In your posting please address the following two prompts (you must include in your comments references from the article):
1)  What do you think government’s role should be in reducing energy consumption?  Should there be government mandates or should the market decide?
2)  Should nations be bound by agreements that might have a negative impact on their economic growth? What economic effects might this have?