Q.   Review Project 1, and reflect on the in-class activity we did and start to brainstorm and idea of focus for your final project.
Please type up a brief paragraph on if you are planning on creating your own business or if you’d like to choose a company to work on. Here are some things i’d like you to consider: 
– What is the brand name?
– What is the product or service offering?
– Who is the customer? 

Develop a strategic marketing plan for either an existing brand, or a made-up brand that you would want to create for this project. Take into account about the strategic marketing process, and new ideas & concepts learned about in the book Fascinate by Sally Hogshead (New York Times bestseller)

IN Class Activity -:
Go to a firm’s website and annual report to gain an understanding of its business strategy. Look at elements such as the products and services offered, the history of the firm, and its values. What is the business strategy? What product markets does the firm serve? What are its value propositions? What assets and competencies are important to this strategy? What outstanding functional programs and strategies exist?