Chapter 4: Project Management Methodologies
Please read Chapter 4 and the case studies outlined in the chapter. The case studies for each of the chapters showcase how project management and its principles are used to design and implement successful projects in different organizations. Please keep in mind, however, that while this book and others showcase large organizations and talk about project management offices, project management is a concept that can be effectively implemented in small businesses as well as large, multi-national corporations.
This week, the assignment is to think about your own experience with projects and answer the following questions.
Part I:
Identify an organization/job that you are currently working in or have worked at in the past. Give a brief overview of the organization. If it is the same organization from last week’s assignment, share additional information or insight on the company…do not copy the same material.
Part II:
Consider some recent projects that were successes. Choose at least one success and answer the following questions:

Describe the project and why it was a success.
In your opinion, what made it a success?
Was the success announced to others? If so, how? If not, why not?
Were there any lessons learned from the success?
What do you think were the major factors that contributed to the project’s success?

Part III:
Consider some recent projects that were failures. Choose at least one failure and answer the following questions:

Describe the project and why it was a failure.
Was there an effort to learn from the failure?
Did anything change in the business/organization as a result of the failure?
At what point did people know the project was a failure?
How was the failure announced?
What was the reaction among team members or people in the organization/business?
Was there a commonality between the failed project and other similar failures in the company? If so, what do you see as that commonality?
What major issues contributed to the failure?
How long had they remained unresolved?

Part IV:
After reviewing the successes and failures, how well do you feel your organization implements projects? Be sure to thoroughly explain your answer.

Number each of your answers to correspond to the questions.
All of your answers must be in complete sentences. Be sure to proofread your paper before posting.
Minimum of 1 citation/reference from the textbook.
APA format. No title page; include your name at the top of the paper.