Watch the assignment video:
Read and review the required readings for this assignment.

Read: Wigley. S. (2003). Relationship maintenance in a time of crisis: The 2001 Oklahoma State University plane crash. Public Relations Quarterly, 48(2), pp. 39
Read: PR News: Crisis Management & the Media
Read: Morrissey, P. (Summer 2011) “ The Evolving Role of the CEO as Crisis Manager,” Public Relations Strategist (Links to an external site.)
Read: Sung, Minjung. (2014). Who drives a crisis? The diffusion or an issue through social networks. Science Direct Journals. 36. pp. 246-257.

Guided Discussion 4: Discuss the roles an employee should play in an organizational crisis. Discuss how a CEO should address their company’s employees during the crisis situation. When writing your discussion, sure to include examples from the assigned readings/videos (In addition, you may also include personal experiences). Your post MUST be at least one paragraph