Case: Blake Mycoskie and TOMS Chapter 2, Pages 59-60
Read Case: Blake Mycoskie and TOMS on Pages 59-60 of the textbook. After reading the information write an essay response to the case, incorporating questions 1 through 7, which are located at the end of the reading. It may be necessary to think beyond “what” when responding to the case and look below the surface at “why”.
Your response to the case must cover each of the seven discussion questions, be thorough, incorporate concepts/theories from the text, and include independent thought that demonstrates critical thinking, analysis, and proper application of learned material. Papers are to be written in essay format; not simply numbered responses.
Length: Minimum 2 typed pages, MLA style format. Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before submitting your paper. Points will be deducted for papers submitted with such errors.
Length Penalty
Papers submitted that are not minimally two typed (2) pages will incur a 20- point penalty.