OSI Model: Understanding the Seven Layers of Computer Networks
Understanding the function and responsibilities of each layer of the OSI model will help you to understand how network communications function. To make the most of the OSI model, you must be able to remember the name of the seven layers in their proper order. 
Let’s have some fun and think about mnemonics from the initial letters of the layer names so they are easier to remember. You may work from the physical layer to the application layer or the reverse.  
For example: Physical – Data link – Network – Transport – Session – Presentation – Application 
         Please —-Do ———–Not ———Throw ——-Sausage–Pizza ———–Away. 
Think of an original mnemonic for the OSI model and post with your discussion post. 
Next, select one of the layers and: (1) discuss a function of the layer and (2) provide an example of a common networking component for the layer.   
For example: Layer 2 is the data link layer and allows a device to access the network to send and receive messages. A common network component for this layer is a network interface card (NIC). 
There are many functions and components to select from, so please do not replicate selections already chosen by your peers