a. Prepare a minimum of a 300 word literature review of Leadership and Followership.

b. What are your Communication Skills? The Pearson Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library, edited by Stephen P. Robbins, contains interactive surveys that will help you learn more about yourself by providing you with insights into your skills, abilities, and interests. These self-scoring assessments generate individual analysis scores that can be retrieved from the same computer. 1. Complete the Working with Others > Communications Assessments II. Working with others communication Skills 1. What’s my face-to-face communication style? 2. How good are my listening skills? 2. What were the top two dimensions of your communication style? What were the bottom two dimensions of your communication style? What strengths and weaknesses have you identified? 3. How good are your listening skills? What was your score, and how effective of a communicator are you?